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September 2014

Welcome to the September 2014 newsletter from MathsBank.

We hope all is going well for you at the start of the new school year. Things are already changing in the world of A-Level maths, with no more January exams offered by the main exam boards. With the specifications now being finalised for the new AS and A-Level, the big changes will begin next September, when teaching begins. First examination will take place in June 2016 for the AS and June 2017 for the new A-Level (which is no longer called the A2).

A-Level book now available

The long-awaited AS book for the CCEA specification finally came into being last December. See Amazon or the publisher's website for more details.

MathsBank Blog

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The new stories since we last wrote to you:

  Back in July, we reported on the change in personnel at the Department for Education. Michael Gove is out.

  We reported on this summer's A-Level results  with maths now the most popular A-Level subject in UK schools.

  And the GCSE results,

  And for a bit of light relief, a quick look at the history of the remarkable irrational number e.

KS2 Practice Papers

A quick reminder about the practice papers being developed at our sister website at Orchard Education Solutions . There is a collection of Key Stage 2 worksheets on a wide range of topics. There are also practice papers for the Northern Ireland Transfer Test, and these should be useful for anybody requiring extra KS2 test materials. There are also now some A-Level practice papers here for the C1 and C2 modules, Edexcel and CCEA specifications.


Please continue to let us know if you have anything to say about MathsBank, good or bad, e.g. if you spot anything missing or broken, question topics you'd like to see included, etc. Your feedback is most appreciated.

That's all from us for now.


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