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October 2012

Welcome to the October 2012 newsletter from MathsBank.

Welcome back to another school year. We wish you all the best in your teaching or your studies, or both!

KS2 Practice Papers

It's not often we talk about Key Stage 2 developments in this newsletter, but just to make you aware that there are several KS2 practice papers available on the Orchard Education website . The papers have been written specifically for the Northern Ireland Transfer Test, but should be useful for anybody requiring extra KS2 test materials.

Update on the Book Reviews

Many of you helped out with the A-Level text book reviews earlier in the year and thanks again for your work with this. With the writing and reviewing complete, they are now in the hands of the publisher. The publisher now says that the first book (the AS book) will be printed and on sale by the end of November. The second book - the A2 book - will be out next May. For those of you waiting for copies of these textbooks, sorry for the delays. You can be assured that you will be receiving a copy of the appropriate book as soon as they are available. Thanks again!

MathsBank Blog

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The new stories since we last wrote to you:

  Michael Gove continues to court controversy with every word he speaks. In July he announced plans to give academies the power to hire unqualified teachers.

  We gave our annual round-up of the A-Level results and the GCSE results

  Finally, flesh was put on the bones of Gove's plans to replace the GCSE in England.


Please continue to let us know if you have anything to say about MathsBank, good or bad, e.g. if you spot anything missing or broken, question topics you'd like to see included, etc. Your feedback is most appreciated.

That's all from us for now.


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