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November 09


You're now well into the new year, and probably looking forward to a Christmas break. A quick note from us here at mathsbank to lighten your day.

Just to remind you that many of the resources on the site are still free and great classroom activities. But you will need a subscription to gain full access. Feel free to drop us an email if you'd like to know all the benefits of a subscription.

Keep up with the mathsbank blog for all the latest developments about the site and more. The latest post focuses on the future of the Northern Ireland schooling system, which although a part of the UK, has its own peculiarities.

And finally, a geeky A-Level maths joke for you:

Jo: What's the integral of 1/cabin?
Kyle: A natural log cabin!
Jo: No, a houseboat. You forgot to add the c!


Hope to see you on the site again some time soon.


Luke - 




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