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November 08

Firstly, I’d like to say thanks for signing up at mathsbank.co.uk.
Whether you’re a teacher or a student, we think you’ll find it really useful.

Now the important bit. Because of your interest in mathsbank, we have decided to reward you. If you log in frequently, you will have noticed your Karma score ticking upwards. That’s our way of rewarding all the users of the site. The more you put into the site, the more Karma you can earn.

The site is changing constantly, with new questions and new features being added all the time, so keep coming back. If you think we’re missing an important topic, please let us know and we’ll try to get it on the site as soon as possible.

How can you earn Karma?
You get one point of Karma each time you log in (one point per login per day).

Karma is also awarded for contributions to the site. So if you would like to write questions for us, drop us an email at . You will need to know LaTeX. There will be some detailed information on this appearing on the site soon.

If you are an A-Level student, you might want to ask your teacher or head of department about getting school membership.

What can you do with Karma?
Any registered user with Karma Points owns a small part of the website. The more you earn, the more you own. This will give you the opportunity to influence the website and the direction it is taking.

In the long run, we envisage a community-owned website, owned by and supporting the schools, colleges and mathematically-minded individuals of the UK!

Look forward to seeing you on the site again soon!



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