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November 2010

New Design and Freebies!

There are some very important changes afoot on the MathsBank site - we've been working hard to spruce the place up. We hope you find the new layout more pleasing on the eye and easier to navigate.

What's more, to celebrate the new look, we're making all our resources completely free for the rest of the month of November. Why not take a look?

There may still be a few things to tidy up, so if you spot anything missing or broken on the site, let us know. Please feel free to pass general comments on the new design too. We really value your feedback.

Advent Calendar

Look out next week for the start of the MathsBank Advent Calendar. We'll be promoting some fun Christmas themed resources through the month of December.

MathsBank Blog

Meanwhile, on the MathsBank Blog there are a couple of new articles worth mentioning.

  We reported on the death of the inspirational Benoit Mandelbrot, who pioneered the first research into fractals back in the 1970s. After him, one very famous, infinitely complex (of course) and beautiful fractal is named: the Mandelbrot Set. There is also a stunning deep dive into the Mandelbrot Set on Vimeo.

  Secondly, we paid homage to a mathematician who was probably more of a lucky guesser, Paul the Octopus, who also died recently. I'm sorry, I don't know how I dared to mention the two in the same newsletter... But Paul's uncanny ability to predict the results of World Cup football matches brings about a host of possibilities for discussions on statistics and probability.

Anyway, that's all for now.

Luke - luke@mathsbank.co.uk - mathsbank.co.uk


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