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March 2012

Welcome to the March 2012 newsletter from MathsBank.

I hope you've had a good term so far. If things are as busy for you as they are here, you will be looking forward to a couple of weeks of catch-up time at Easter.

Free Books

At Christmas we mentioned an A-Level text book review, in association with Orchard Solutions Education, which many of you took us up on. Many thanks to those of you who offered your services in exchange for a copy of the book. Some of you have already provided valuable feedback. There are still a few chapters to distribute, so if you have offered to help, you may still be asked.

The second book in the series will also need reviewers. This covers the C3 and C4 modules of the A-Level. Once again, we can offer a free copy of this book in exchange for a review of one chapter of the book. There is a limited number of books available, so if you are interested in applying, please reply to this email without delay! More details are available on reply.

Both books will be published in the summer. All reviewers will receive a free copy of the book they have helped with.

MathsBank Blog

Check out the MathsBank Blog for the latest news. Why not click the 'Follow' button on the right-hand side of the page.

Since we last spoke:

  We celebrated the work of one of the most remarkable mathematicians of our time,  Stephen Hawking, who celebrated his 70th birthday in January.

  We looked back at the works of a controversial Victorian gentleman, Sir Francis Galton, who had a marked impact on today's statistics.

  And we delved into the world of the unknown with David Hilbert, born 150 years ago, whose turn of the century problems inspired many of the mathematical pioneers of the 20th century.

  Finally I know a calculator that would be very offended if we weren't to mention it. It was Happy 40th Birthday to the HP-35   the first scientific calculator to arrive in our classrooms in the early 1970s.


Please continue to let us know if you have anything to say about MathsBank, good or bad, e.g. if you spot anything missing or broken, question topics you'd like to see included, etc. Your feedback is most appreciated.

That's all for now. Good luck as we gear up for the summer term and exam season.


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