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February 10



Newsletter February 2010

A couple of updates this month.

Firstly, we are following google's lead and have decided to stop supporting Internet Explorer 6. What does this mean for you? Well, if you are using this rather ancient web browser, you can probably carry on doing so to view the site.  It's just that we won't be able to help you if things don't look exactly as they should. We've taken this decision so we can concentrate on supporting the more modern browsers out there. You can check whether you are using IE6 by going to Help -> About....

If you can, we recommend using Firefox instead. Otherwise, Internet Explorer 8 is the most recent offering from Microsoft.

Secondly, there are some rather tasty special offers on the site at the moment, including 10% off some of the longer subscriptions. So if you are thinking of treating yourself or your pupils to some online maths resources, this might be the right moment to act.

If you haven't yet taken out a subscription, remember that there are many advantages, listed here. You can find the subscriptions page here.

All the best.

Gwen - gwen.parker@mathsbank.co.uk - www.mathsbank.co.uk


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