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February 09

January was a record month for mathsbank. There are now more users than ever before and you are all visiting the site more than ever.

All of which has kept us very busy. But we've also been busy updating our question bank, which means lots of new questions, some clarifications and a few corrections too.

We also have a buzzword cloud on the home page, and a separate one on each module page - e.g. http://mathsbank.co.uk/home/a-level/c1 . We think you'll find these a helpful way of jumping straight to the topics you particularly need.

The A-Levels are approaching fast and practice makes perfect. By the way, remember to use our 'Tell a Friend' page if you know somebody else who would find mathsbank useful.

As an early user of the site, you will soon be asked for some feedback in a small survey. It should only take 2 minutes, and your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing you back at the site soon!



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