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December 2010

Hope you're surviving the icy blast. If you're among the growing number who have broken up for Christmas early, enjoy and make the most of it!

Advent Calendar

  So, we're now entering the final week of the MathsBank Advent Calendar. If you haven't looked at it yet, we've had skaters colliding on the ice, magical Christmas presents, an exposé on the size of bankers' Christmas bonuses, and turkeys voting for Christmas Have fun and enjoy some more Christmas themed resources up until Christmas Eve!

New Design and Freebies

The new look MathsBank site is still there, and many of the resources remain free for the time being. Check out the list of the Most popular free questions on the home page, or in whichever module you're using: C1, M1, etc.

Please continue to let us know if you spot anything missing or broken on the site, or if you have any general comments. Your feedback is most appreciated.

MathsBank Blog

Meanwhile, on the MathsBank Blog there are a couple of new articles worth mentioning.

  We are still following the student protests against the proposed rises in tuition fees, which seem to be getting more vociferous each week.

  Secondly, we are looking back on the life of a woman well-known for her humanitarian work, but less well known as a remarkable pioneering statistician. Florence Nightingale died 100 years ago.

That's all for now, except to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a relaxing well-earned break.

Luke - luke@mathsbank.co.uk - mathsbank.co.uk


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