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August 10

A brief hello from us here at mathsbank to bring your attention to a couple of developments on the site.

A-Level Results

With the results out, here's hoping you (or your students) have done OK and your future plans are beginning to fall into place. If you're about to begin, or you're halfway through, well you've got all this excitement to look forward to.

MathsBank Articles

Talking of which, have you looked at the mathsbank blog recently? The latest articles include a look at the A* grade,

  a wash-up on university entrance

and what we might expect if a shake-up of the A-Level system ever takes place.

Summer Offers

Finally, if you haven't already taken out a subscription, there are some great offers in the mathsbank shop, including 50% discounts on most of our subscription packages. These offers will only be hanging around until the end of August...

All the best for now.

Luke - luke@mathsbank.co.uk - mathsbank.co.uk


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