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April 10

Newsletter April 2010

Welcome back to a new term. Next month we'll resume normal service, but for now here's the second part of our favourite bookmarks.

The MacTutor History of Mathematics has been around for several years now, but it's still one of the best maths history websites out there. It's not the most beautiful site on the web, but the depth and quality of the content more than compensates. Ideal for anybody researching a particular mathematician, or if you're a teacher wanting to put a bit of background context onto the boring maths.

Now one for the A-Level Core maths teacher and student, and beyond. The Wolfram Mathematica Integrator is THE authority on integration. Stuck with an integral? Is a pesky student questioning your superior knowledge and experience? Get the Wolfram Integrator up on the whiteboard and settle the argument there and then. The syntax takes a little getting used to, for example the use of square brackets and the ^ symbol, but we've certainly made excellent use of it and we reckon you'll be able to as well.

By the way, there's a very special offer on the mathsbank site at the moment. If you are not already a subscriber, take a look - it's not there long!

All the best for now.

Gwen - gwen.parker@mathsbank.co.uk - mathsbank.co.uk

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