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April 09

Welcome to the mathsbank April newsletter.

The more eagle-eyed among you may have noticed some subtle changes to the site
layout. On question pages, you will now see a menu bar to display the timer,
change the font size and to step through the solution. Tip of the month:
pressing the 's' key is a handy shortcut for the solution, to avoid lots of
page scrolling.

As exam season approaches rapidly and revision gets into full swing, we're
seeing increased activity on the website. There are many ways to use the site.
More and more teachers are using the questions as starter activities on your
interactive whiteboards. Others print the questions to use as test material.
A-level students seem most likely to read the question on the screen.

It's not too late to fill in the March survey. Users completing the survey
will be rewarded with 50 Karma points. We're working on putting in place other
ways to bring benefits to those of you who interact with the site.

By the way, please if you spot any errors, or questions and solutions
that could be improved in any way.  And once again, many thanks for continuing
to use mathsbank.


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