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April 2011

Welcome to the April MathsBank newsletter, to bring you up to date on the latest news from the site.

Offers for Renewing Subscribers

As a reminder, we are still running our discount for renewing subscribers. If you had a subscription that has now expired at MathsBank.co.uk, or have a subscription that will shortly expire, you will qualify for 25% off a renewal.

We can offer you any new subscription on the website at the discounted rate - it doesn't have to be the package you previously took out.

You will not see this offer on the website. If you wish to take it up, please reply to this email with subject line '25% Offer' and we will send instructions on how to proceed.

We hope you continue to find the site useful in your teaching or your revision.

New Questions

The C1 module is still the flavour of the month on the website, with plenty of new questions there, many of them free to access. For example Are there roots?


Please continue to let us know if you have anything to say about MathsBank, good or bad, e.g. if you spot anything missing or broken, question topics you'd like to see included, etc. Your feedback is most appreciated.

MathsBank Blog

Why not follow the MathsBank Blog? Just click the 'Follow' button on the right-hand side of the page. Among the goodies from the last few weeks:
  We take a look at the possibility of a new era in super-computing, brought about by some incredible mathematics.

  We take a sneak preview of the European Girls Mathematical Olympiad, to take place in April 2012. If you're female, at school and good at maths, this might be for you.

Finally, we continue to follow the saga of tuition fees, with the latest on which universities are going to be charging what.

That's all for now.

Luke - luke@MathsBank.co.uk - MathsBank.co.uk


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