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We've been asking you...

If you could choose MathsBank's ideal feature set, what would it look like?
It would look like this.

At MathsBank we have been asking our users what they would like from the site.
"If you could design a user-friendly mathematics website, what would it look like?"

We've been working with schools and pupils pretty closely, so we can safely answer, "It would look just like this."

Some of our most popular features include:

Free resources

High quality questions with full solutions and marks

Questions written by experts in the field. All questions have been written by teachers, who have often been involved in the setting of your exam papers.

Access many of our questions and solutions free of charge.

Full solutions shown, along with the marks awarded for each step.


Many more features are available with a subscription

Unlimited access to all the site's resources

Test yourself against the timer

"Ask An Expert" feature, plus full subject and website support

Subject Help and Support

Get general revision advice and topic specific questions and answers

Target specific areas in your knowledge where you feel extra work is needed.


Test yourself or your pupils against the clock

Start, stop, pause or restart the timer.

Ask an Expert

Submit a query to our experts.

Get help with a question you are stuck on or a concept you are struggling with.

Receive a well-thought out and detailed response within 24 hours.

Revision advice and exam skills

Our author team help you prepare for the examination.

How to divide your times for each part of the exam.

Approaches for dealing with tricky ambiguous questions.

Continuous updates and ever growing question bank

New questions added all the time.

Strict quality control of existing questions and answers.

Response to changes in the syllabus to provide you with up-to-date revision and assessment.

Coming soon Decide how many questions you want to answer and get a randomised test you can complete in your own time.

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