After the exam

Stay positive

If you found part of an exam difficult, don't panic or get annoyed. You are not the only one. You will only know how you did when you get the results. You may be surprised!

Exams are mostly about technique and the more you do, the better you get. Some students prefer to leave the examination centre immediately so they don't have to discuss their answers with other classmates after the exam.

Yes, exams are important but if things don't go as you had planned you still have many options open to you. Talk to your teachers and your parents/guardians. Ask for their advice on what you should do. They are on your side and are there to support you. They have been there too.

Remember that you did the best you could and no one can criticise you on that. Don't waste time blaming yourself for where you think you went wrong. You'll probably find that you have done better than you thought. Focus on what you did right and learn from your mistakes. Don't dwell on questions you think you didn't do well in or waste time comparing your answers against other students. Wait and see what the results say.

Whether you did well or didn't do as well as expected you are still to be congratulated. Everyone knows how hard you worked and so should you.

Plan your next steps

Work with your parents/guardians and your teachers to look at the options open to you.

You may decide to go into the world of work or you may decide to continue studying either at university, your school or at a college of further and higher education.

Find out everything you need to know and talk through it with your teachers and family.

Remember that schools, colleges and universities have open days and many have information on their websites that might help you. You can also talk to careers advisors in your school.

Treat yourself!

Do something nice with your friends or family to reward yourself for your hard work. You deserve it!

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